Can we use Q2406A for GPRS

I am using Q2406B module for GPRS I am able to send mail.
But it is giving error for module Q2406A. The error is Higher level TCPIP is not activeted.How can we enable higher level TCPIP facility in Q2406A

  Is there any one who has used Q2406A module for sending mail.



You have several questions in your post, so I’ll try to answer each one of them…

your first question:

Yes, GPRS is available in that module. But I think your question was more about Open AT and the TCP plugin… see below…

Since the Q2406A has got a smaller memory than the Q2406B, you need to use the M2M407 TCP/IP plug in (a fairly new smaller TCP/IP plugin than compared with M2M410).

You need to be sure that your module have the correct features enabled in order for different Open AT plugins to work. See the AT+WCFM command and check with you wavecom contact/module distributor.

No to the really bad news: The M2M407 TCP/IP plugin does not support POP3 or SMTP (or FTP), so you cannot use the Q2406A with a send-email application written for the M2M410 TCP/IP stack.
But maybe you could write your own SMTP protocol… or use a SMS service that could port your message to an email…