TCP/IP Plug In with Q2406A module

Hi all,

Anyone sucessfully develop a firmware using TCP/IP Plug In for Q2406A module?

What features do you included? :smiley:

Is that posible to use the Q2406A module to connect the GPRS connection then TCPIP connection.



Only the old edlib TCP/IP plug-in could be used with Q2406A. But I don’t suggest you to develop with that because :

  1. Most important Q2406 series has been replaced by new Q24NG series proudcts, which use new wiplib pulgin.
  2. Q2406A has limited ram/flash, that you may face trouble after loading the edlib plugin
  3. Higher level services (FTP, POP3, SMTP) are not available

Hi Wallace,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually i have develop a sample code to test the edLib on Q2406A module. It works.

Just wondering who have succesfully develop and currently running the edlib in Q2406A on field or production.

Anyway, if i can get problem that faces from the developer who had go through this then is excellent. :blush: