Blue screen on win7 64bit with airPrime driver

The AirPrime driver ( … uild-4431/) for Win7 64bit will cause windows 7 crashed and blue screen.
It also is reproduced on Build-4208.
My setup is AR7554 and AR7552.

Please fix it.


it can be due to some clash with the driver already available in your PC. Can you uninstall all the drivers and check if it’s working fine.

For more support contact Sierra Technical support team via reseller.


Hi Alex
It is definitely SierraWireless Driver issue. When the driver is not installed I can plug-in or out the board without any problem. Once the driver is installed and I can see four or five ports listed and I can use it but it will be blue screen right away when I plugged out the board USB cable.
I will raise a ticket in sierra direct support.

Thanks and regards

In this case I will suggest you to seek help from sierra wireless technical team :slight_smile: