AirPrime EM/MC Series Windows Drivers/Firmware Packages - Release Notes?

We have occasional ‘Mobile Broadband Firmware Device’ problems on Windows 10 IoT using EM7455 and drivers build 4836 and firmware ‘GENERIC_002.072_000’. When these start-up crashes occur, dropped cellular connections do not always reconnect automatically (using Windows managed connections).

Is there a list of changes/fixes for drivers build 5086 and firmware GENERIC_002.082_000?

I’ve been unable to find release notes for these more recent driver/firmware packages.

for the release note of SWI9X30C_02.38.00.00 GENERIC_002.082_000, you can see here:,-d-,0-crn-release-note/#sthash.ymJiAt8S.dpbs,-d-,0-pri-crn-release-note/#sthash.mZhmsoTp.dpbs

Thanks for your near instantaneous reply! Are there similar release notes for the Windows driver package?

We currently use GenericDriverSetup_4836.exe but are considering changing to GenericDriverSetup_5087.exe depending on changes/fixes.

no, i don’t see such document

Does the company not have a list of changes between the 4837 and 5087 releases?

We were hoping to know if the latest package no longer has this occasional critical start-up issue (from the Windows ‘System’ event logs).

If not, we’ll have to update some devices in the field and check, which is a significant task to undertake with no guarantee of a fix.

I guess you still need to take the test in real environment