Air Prime Driver Install ended prematurely.

Hi All,
New here and have a problem with the AirPrime USBDriverInstaller : … installer/

I am running Win7 Pro - Developer Studio 2.3.2 and have just downloaded the above installer. On first install the PC bluescreened and when it restarted I downloaded again and tried installing several times each time getting the install failing prematurely (see attached jpeg screenshot)

Where can I download an older driver or is there a fix for this?


Did you try installing with Admin right? One reason for this problem can be due to missing sufficient privileges on PC. Restart the PC once more and try to install using admin account.

You can check the Account settings and set the security as shown in the below attachment.

There might be some driver installed that may hinder the installation, Check if other driver installed on PC, if so,
uninstall those drivers and try to install this specific driver.

From the instance the issue looks to be related to some specific security setting done on workstation which is leading to this issue, it can be verified by installing the setup on another workstation.