New usb driver USBDriverInstallerV3822.exe

Hello all,

I am having trouble installing the above mentioned driver on a blank XP pro SP3 (no updates) machine after installing Java JRE 7 and then letting the driver installer install (with no online updates) I receive the following installation error message:

Has anyone been successful at installing this driver in this way?

We need to be able to install a driver without any other dependencies.

I wonder when Sierra Wireless will provide a simpler USB driver installation package, Re my previous post: New usb driver USBDriverInstallerV3650.exe



Hi Barry,

I am not able to repeat the problem on two winxp sp3 x86 machine.
During driver installation, it creates a system restore point and this was interrupted according to the log you shared.

Please check your PM for a very outdated driver which may worth trying.

Hello Lotam,

Thank you for sending me an older driver to try.

I have not tried it yet but I will. I should of made you aware that the reason for wanting to use an up to date driver is due to the fact of the change made to the PID value in the latest OS Firmware 7.51 (Can you explain why this change was made?). Using an older driver will (i suspect) not resolve my requirement. I have also installed the driver install USBDriverInstallerV3650 and/or USBDriverInstallerV3700 on this blank XPPro + SP3 machine and had no problems hence I concluded the problem was/is with driver install USBDriverInstallerV3822.

Please also note that I am doing this on a VirtualBox Virtual PC which allows me to restore the system such that it knows nothing about these drivers.



It appears as though under Windows 7 64bit one has to right click the file and select Run as administrator.

I can understand the reasons for this but it would be nice to be told this BEFORE or during running the installer :angry: .