BC127 physical part testing melody 7.x

When will sierra wireless complete the Bluetooth physical part test for melody 7.x?
I want to qualify our product at Bluetooth SIG and from my point of view this Module must be tested thru SW once, and not thru its individual buyers.


I can see BC127 listed as certified product on this search: https://launchstudio.bluetooth.com/Listings/Search.
I think you still need to to the qualification path1.

yes, but as you can see the 5.0 specs are only tested as “component” comparing to the 4.2 (as Subsystem).
and the 4.2 is not allowed for new products anymore! As “component” means that every company which want to use the BC127 MUST pass an individual RF testing (quite expensive). From my point of view, Sierrawireless should do this once, so everybody who wants to use the BC127 only has to pass the Path 1 qualification (like your competitors do).