BC127 melody Software Release


when do you plan to release the melody software V7 and is there a pre release version available for testing?

Thank you



It went up onto the source last night.


As did the new upgrader tool which allows you to take it there.





Is it possible to have a document explaining better the difference between Melody V6 and V7?

A lot of commands have been added like BLE_SECURITY and BT_STATE, but there is no mention of these commands in the release notes.

For example, a bug that I reported in this forum thread seems to be fixed in Melody 7, but it is not mentionned in the release notes.

I know the firmware has been released just a couple of days ago, but more information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Just read through the release notes and they are a bit light. I think it is because it covers from a far more recent version of 6.x than 6.1.5 which was never officially released, will try to get them updated with all of the changes and also get the operational modifications that have been done noted in one of the sections although the expanded list of changes should allude to this.

Re the issue you refer to above, I do not think there was a specific fix for this, it might have been resolved as a side effect of something else.




Matt, thank you for the clarification.

We developed a product with a BC127 having Melody 6.1.5 and had workarounds for various bugs of this BC127 firmware. A complete release note would help me decide if it is worth migrating my code to support Melody 7 firmware.


From implementing the changes, or rather getting Melody 7.1 working with my BC127 driver, here is a brief summary of the changes that I encountered.

The soft control relating to discovery has changed; the DISCOVERABLE command has been removed and is now part a new command BT_STATE that also requires a connectable condition.
The notification READY has been removed, however, READY is still the END indicator for multiple line responses. What this does mean is that READY is only received in response to a command, e.g. command such as RESET or RESTORE, which actually fits better with handling responses from the BC127, previously I was NOT waiting for a response (non-blocking) on the RESET or RESTORE command and getting the unsolicited response handler to process these response to commands. This also means that the initial power-on welcome message has gone, the BC127 will be not indicate it is awake unless you ask.

Configuration has numerous changes, configuration items have been removed and there are new configuration additions. Additionally, the factory default condition has changed for certain items, the most notable is the power-on state of the discoverable and connectable conditions.

BTW, not a change but I hit this while working through the changes, watch out for the ASCII tab character as the first character on certain lines from the VERSION command.

The above gets me to a functioning state with Melody 7.1, now I need to understand any changes to the notifications.


We have generated a draft copy of the consolidated release notes between 6.1.5 and 7.2 noting in which version each fix was implemented. They should be published to the source in the new week or so.




Ok new release notes are on the source, there is a lot more in there now in comparison to the previous revision.





Thank you for the new release notes, the changes between Melody 6.1.5 and 7.1 are clearer now.