Is Melody 7.2 BA vaporware?

Hello Sierrawireless,
I am trying for weeks now to get hold of the Melody 7.2 BA Firmware:
1 distributor contacted does not sell Sierrawireless modules any more (but is listed on Sierrawireless’s website)
1 distributor does not even email or call back
Sierrawireless Inside Sales can’t (or is unwilling to?) help and will not send me the BA version. Rather tells me that there is firmware on the source, but they don’t know if its the BA version. huh???
Another Distributor was asked by Inside Sales to contact us - They do not contact us.
The bc127 Product Manager plans to mabye upload the BA version to the source some time next week. Why can’t he/she mail it to me after weeks of asking?

I’ve become SO frustrated because this is the worst pre-sales support I’ve ever encountered.
And no, I am not a maker who wants to build one single hobby project.

What’s wrong with the Melody 7.2 BA release? Does it exist at all?
Why is it not on the source?
Why is nobody able to simply send a zip file over?
Do I have to beg like this for being allowed to develop a product based on the bc127 module?

Finally, Melody 7.3BA is here. Available at the source.
Thank you.