Re-programming BC127

We are looking to reprogram some inventory of BC127_1103383 into BC127_1103574. Does anyone have any experience in this?

I don’t think you can do so to change the SKU.

We have spoken with Future Electronics and Sierra and it looks like the bluetooth module firmware can be updated with the use of a developer board and using the melody 2.0 software. Does anyone have experience in doing this?

are you saying these melody software?

Hello, yes it is that Melody software but an older version. One of our firmware engineers worked on this years ago with Blue Creation and was able to update the firmware in the cell. It take about 6 minutes to reprogram the parts but we are looking for an easier way to quickly flash the parts. Not sure if we can buy or be loaned a fixture to do this.

Why don’t you just add a UART header to your board and have your guys use an FTDI cable to program the units? My design has an FT231X built in, but the principle is the same.