BC127-APTX_1103708 Module

I have a design using the BC127-APTX_1103708 module. However, that part is at a 12 week lead on Digikey. Is the BC127-HD_1103709 an appropriate replacement? From a physical footprint /pinout it seems to be.
What about in firmware?
If I need to downgrade the firmware to Melody 6.1.5, will I need to load Melody 6.1.5 HD instead?
I am not using any of the audio functions.

Thank you.

Hi @avergara,
BC127-HD is a good choice. Yes, you need to use Melody HD firmware for upgrading/downgrading BC127 HD. Which is posted at
Please share if you have any concerns you have and help us tick “Solution” if it is helpful to you guy

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