Change Melody Firmware v6.1.5-HD to v5.5rc11

I’ve been working with BC127 radio modules and have developed an ecosystem around the Melody v5.5rc11 firmware. I just got a batch of BC127-HD with Melody 6.1.5 HD, and I tried to down-grade them using the BlueSuite DFU Wizard. The Wizard is telling me that it can’t put the v5.5 on the module.

Is there a way to do this downgrade? I have not tried the Melody DFU Tool, but I will do if it will work.
My module is embedded in a system and I will have to write my own code to interface the Melody DFU tool).

I’m really hoping this is possible because I have an entire body of work that is working great with the v5.5.

Hi @biomurph1 ,

where did you get Melody v5.5rc11? It sounds rather old. Is it from Sierra official? I cannot find it on Sierra source page

  1. Is Melody v5.5rc11 supported HD? According to Sierra source, HD module and non-HD module have separate firmware. If Melody v5.5rc11 doesn’t support HD you cannot use it for your HD BC127
  2. If Melody v5.5rc11 supports HD and you try the Melody DFU Tool. You may get the same warming " since the firmware is quite old and not compatible with the module anymore. Please try and share your result


The v5.5 was supported when the project was owned by Blue Creation a long time a go.
I don’t think that the support for HD was there in v5. It seems to be only added from v6 on.
I guess there must be something specific with the hardware to limit application of the versions. That’s quite a bummer.

The project I’m on is called Tympan. We have a github repo with instructions on how to up/down grade our hardware. The BC127 module is embedded in a system that runs on Teensy hardware. So we have a tricky way to up/down grade the Melody version.