BC127 - Melody DFU Tool


So after a couple hours of googling I cannot find the Melody DFU tool so I can upgrade my BC127 to the v6 firmware (The BC127, as of time of writing, that are in stock on Sparkfun’s website are still running with the v5 RC11 version of the Melody firmware). I’ve found the v6 firmware on Sierra’s site but I cannot find the DFU tool for it. (All links are dead to BlueCreation’s repo of the program, the CSR site is gone because CSR got bought out by Qualcomm, etc).

Does anyone happen to have a copy of the latest version of the Melody DFU tool that successfully upgrades the BC127 to the latest firmware. (I’m on Windows 10 64-Bit).



You need to go to the CSR support site at the below link and create yourself a login.


Here you need to download the Bluesuite of tools, within this is the DFU wizard which will allow you to perform the download to the unit. You just need to send the ‘DFU’ command to the unit to put it into download mode then trigger it from the wizard.

If you don’t want to do this then you could go back through your commercial channel to see if you can get hold of the updater. We cannot give it out any longer as it contained code which Sierra (or Blue Creation) does/did not own.



I must say that getting that software is quite the hassle. Are there any issues with making it available elsewhere, like in a Githib repo? I am courious that If someone (like me) implements a design that uses the BC127 and want to support upgrades via a github repo that they can also supply the software tool (Bluesuite). Or are there any concerns with creating my own tool to do software updates?

Going through Sparkfun to get any support or software for firmware updates is a dead end. I pursued this with their tech support and they told me that there was nothing that they could do.


As I explained, we cannot put it on github or anywhere else generically accessible because we do not own all of the libraries/tools used to generate the package. If someone were to generate a tool/package from scratch then yes that would be fine but that option is not available.



Hi Matt,

Let me see if I have this straight. BlueSuite is not distributable outside of the current repo due to code ownership? I thought that restriction was with the former Melody Upgrade Tool (Melody DFU) and one reason why the BlueSuite was created (to get away from software that Sierra did not write). Is that not correct? I have both BlueSuite and Melody Upgrade Tool (v2.5.0.0 which clearly advertised itself as a BlueCreation tool). I assume that that the BlueSuite software is the only tool being maintained now and that is the software that you were referring to and being not distributable, correct? Or is it the older Melody DFU executable?

…Or is it both?

I cant find the Melody tool anywhere online anymore, so I assumed it was end of life, however, it still works just fine.

Thanks for the clarification.

Not quite right.

  • Bluesuite is a QC/CSR tool set completely owned by them, it can be downloaded by agreeing to their terms and conditions on the site I gave above.
  • Part of Bluesuite is the DFU wizard which allows you to download the .DFU files to the BC127 (because it uses the CSR chipset) by sending the DFU command to the unit then starting the process of in the wizard.
  • The Bluecreations updater tool was something generated as part of the BC127 development program a long time ago before Sierra ownership of Bluecreations but includes some code that we do not have a license to redistribute hence the tool is not available from our support site.





I am unable to access this firmware upgrade tool. I have gone to the site which you posted, and the register users page is not functioning. I have contacted the web developer for the site to fix the issue, but have not heard back in over a week. Currently I am dead in the water. Is the ANYWHERE I can access the latest firmware upgrade tool for the BC127 modules? I have version of the upgrade tool, but it does not seem to work with the new BC127 chips I recieved (it worked fine with thechips that were shipped with older versions of the firmware). I understand this may not be totally under your control, but I could really use some help here.