Link Broken for Firmware and Updater Tool?

Hi Guys,

I have an issue with updating the Firmware on my BC127 devices from Melody V5.0 to the latest, My issue being when I click the link trail to download the updater tool and the latest firmware I get redirected to the following chain: … rade-tool/
redirects to:
redirects to: … kit/search

would it be possible to get a link or download for the latest updater and the latest firmware?

I emailed the guys we are currently in contact with about the BC127 product and they redirected me here to ask you guys.



When you are at the CSR support site you need to create a login for yourself, you can then browse the site and get the Bluesuite tools, with this comes the DFUWizard which allows you to perform the download.

The original Blue creation updater had code which was not ours hence we cannot hand it out but the DFU wizard will do what you want. I have had customers recently (in the last few weeks) get the tool and upgrade the firmware on their units.