BC127 Firmware Update file

We currently have Melody 5 running on our BC127 modules and gradually want to implement BLE. Therfore we would like to update to the current Melody 7 FW, but for some reason the link to the sierra wireless resources leads to a 404 error.

I simply can’t find either the FW files nor a tool to flash these to the modules. Can you please provide a link to all the current resources for the BC127?

Here is the downloader:


1544637564_Melody_7_3_STANDARD.zip (1.0 MB)

Thanks for the quick reply. Why is the updater only available via a googe drive link? I would expect to find it directly on the sierra wireless website!

the website is temporary down…

If you don’t want to use google link, you can wait until the web server is up again.

Ah, I see. Just bad timing from my side :smiley:
Thanks again :wink: