BC127: Error during the Firmwareupgrade with Melody DFU



I have programed many Bluetooth modules (Bluecreation BC 127) in the last months.
But at one module I have the following problem:

  1. I checked the connection with the Melody DFU tool this was OK.
  2. I choose the the Firmware-version for upgrade and I clicked on download. (This normally always works)
  3. Then there was the problem: the download never was finished and there was an error message on left bottom side from the Melody window.
  4. So I have cancelled the download.
  5. I turned the supply voltage on/off.
  6. But the Bluetooth module doesn’t boot in a correct way. The status LED does not blink anymore.
  7. No connection with the Melody DFU tool was possible.
  8. With a program for a serial connection it was possible to connect with the Bluetooth module but programing was not possible.It was only an output like the screenshot at the attachment.

I hope you have a hint how I can solve this problem.




Looks to me like something went wrong with the download and the bootloader was corrupted which is very unusual. I suspect the only way to recover this unit is by downloading the firmware via the SPI interface using the Blueflash tool. Blueflash is part of the CSR bluesuite tool set which you can download from the CSR support site (link below).


Assuming you have access to the SPI interface you need to use a CSR SPI chip as the SPI is CSR proprietary.


If you can do this let me know and I will dig out the apps not discussion the connection between the above board and the BC127.