BC127 Failed FW Upgrade


I am trying to update some BC127 modules from Melody 5.0 RC 11 to Melody 6.1.3. I am using the Melody Device Firmware Upgrade Tool v4.0.1.0.

The tool connected correctly, and displayed the proper FW versions. I started the upgrade, but it failed with Error 93 “failcom_timeout_rx”. Now I can’t get the module to update at all. The terminal (at 9600 baud) is just spitting out a bunch of “R”'s and some other characters, even after a power cycle.

Is there any way to recover the module and restart the firmware upgrade?
This is actually the second module that has had this issue. Do you have any recommendations on how to avoid this?


I was able to get this resolved.

First, I tried using Recover, which would start to transfer but still fail with the same results. Eventually I moved my serial cable to directly plugged in the back of my PC, instead of through a hub. Using recover again, this time it brought the modules back to life with the new FW.

Thanks for the heads up on direct USB and not through a HUB!

PS. 6.1.5 is out!

@shauno since then I have successfully upgraded through the hub again. So the hub does work, but if you are having problems with failed upgrades then that’s the first thing I would look at.
Glad this helped.

Hey Cory:

I’ve had to recover from a few firmware installs but have always programed direct to BC127 via local USB.

We hope to be programming 1000 of modules at the time of production so always trying to find the fastest, most reliable way to initially program and knowing what works and what doesn’t is good stuff, so thanks again for the update!