BC127 Firmware update problems above Melody 5.0

I started to work with Bluetooth and limited in experience, I hope someone will be able to assist me with trouble shooting firmware update with the BC127.
I purchased couple initial module loaded with Melody 5.0. So far so good, I soldered directly on the module pins and got the module responding as it should. There are some command in the newer firmware I would like to use. That were the issue start, any firmware I install above 5.0 gives me trouble. I get the outputs from commands but all in one line and overwriting each others. If the chip idle for little bit, it no longer respond to any commands, and I get ERROR 0x0012 ( command not recognized).
When I reboot the module, it goes the same for a while.

-Sparkun FT232R FTDI
PINS: RX=42, TX=41, 3.3V=(30,32,33), GND=22

Thank you

Hi Bmary,

You can try using Hercules Setup Utility tool with UART configuration as below:

Default UART Configuration


Please make sure the end of line (EOL) character used by Melody is the Carriage Return (CR) on Hercules Setup Utility tool.
I have attached the screenshot for your reference.
If possible, Could you please mark “Solution” on the answer? So the community could easily find the solution for their problems.

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Thanks Donald,
Using Putty, it works by selecting “implicit LF in every CR”