BC127 Downgrade from 7.2 to 5R11

I am using BC127 for a project using the old version of Firmware V5R11, All the code was running corresponding to this version. I got made an update to one of my device and discover that the new AT command for the version 7.2 is different from the V5 and I need to use a tool for downgrade because the Melody DFU V5.0.0 block the downgrade. What I can do and thanks for your help


So this should work, I just tested it and it worked as per the below.

BC127 7.3 to 5.11 with Melody updater 5.0.0



Many thanks for your reply.
I did the same steps and I was capable to downgrade. The problem after resetting the device the BC127 stop working. I can’t even read the Device Info or connect to the BL. Any software help regarding this error, I think the Melody Audio Version is corrupted.