Bc127 manual firmware update can't return to APP mode

I’ve been working in a process to run a Firmware Update from my code in C, using UART connection.
The process to update the firmware works well, and I can upgrade the firmware using it, BUT, if for any reason I stop the process (for example, energy lost), in the middle of the update, the BC127 module stay in DFU mode, and I can’t get it back to APP mode to start the process again.

Does anyone know if that is possible? Is there any command to do that?

Or, What alternative do I have to make a Recovery Unit, using commands? (I don’t have the chance to use Melody App in the field…).


Hi @mpeirone ,
You can install the Melody DFU tool to upgrade the firmware by following the link below:
You can use 1 of 2 functions “Download” or “Recover” in this tool.
Also you can refer to this topic: BC127 Failed FW Upgrade