Bc127 manual firmware update #bc127


I am looking for a way to update the bc127 manually via UART. My goal is to create a simple python script, which is doing that upgrade automatically.

I did not found any documentation about the steps I need to take for a manual upgrade.
The Melody manual tells only the command “DFU\r” but nothing more.

It would be great to now the steps to do it without any tools. My steps so far:
1.) start BC127
2.) setup UART speed to 115200
3.) entering DFU mode
4.) sending dfu image

Any ideas how to solve that problem?

Here’s what we are doing,

  1. Set UART to 9600 No Parity
  2. Reset BC127, restore to default 9600
  3. Send “DFU\r”
  4. Switch UART to 115200, even parity
  5. Send dfu image

I created a simple script

but piping the dfu file directly after the “DFU” command doesn’t work

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Have you checked Melody DFU Tool? Used to be available from Bluecreation.

The melody dfu tool runs only in Windows :smiley:
I like to do some automation for a Linux based measurement enviroment


I have looked around and there isn’t anything like a simple Xmodem download mechanism available, it requires a protocol which is buried in the Windows DLL supplied by Qualcomm hence the source code is not available to reverse engineer a Linux loader.



For what it’s worth, the DFU tool runs in Linux under WINE just fine. If you issue the “DFU” command prior to loading the DFU tool, you can then use the “Download” button to bypass having to connect to the unit and get the “STATUS” back.

I sniffed the update process on both ends of the conversation and it is a structured protocol but I never got around to reverse engineering it. I ended up moving away from the BC127 as it’s so difficult to source and expensive nowadays.

Bummer. We’ve got around 800 pieces as a leftover…