BC127 Bluetooth 5 Qualification

I’m looking to qualify a product with the BC127 with Melody 7.x and Bluetooth 5. I was surprised that there are no subsystem QDID’s for Bluetooth 5 so I’m looking to qualify the product with testing based on the QDID 112978 Component (tested).

Bluetooth site states “When qualifying with a previously qualified Component product type, you can inherit test evidence for conformance test cases if the Component was assessed within three years of the listing date of your project.

This test data wasn’t auto-populated in the qualification process, how do I obtain copies of the test data that is inherited?

Secondly, are there any plans to qualify the BC127 with Melody 7.x / Bluetooth 5 as subsystems? This would mean that new product designs with the BC127 can use the “no required testing” route for Bluetooth qualification.

Hi markusg

Please refer to link below for qualify a product with the BC127 with Melody 7.x and Bluetooth 5.


Hi Donald, I’m aware of this result. I believe that that is just the Component type that I referenced in my original question. Using this QDID requires testing and Bluetooth SIG states that it is possible to qualify using inherited test data. My question is whether that test data is available. It didn’t auto populate when referencing the QDID; unlike the rest of of the declaration steps.

If there was a QDID of subsystem type (with Bluetooth 5.0 / Melody 7.x), then no testing is required.

Hi @markusg

Please contact your reseller or distributor in this case.

Resolved my question outside this forum but sharing my resolution here:

I found this support page from a similar case on Bluetooth SIG: https://bluetooth.service-now.com/ess/case_detail.do?sysparm_document_key=x_bsig_case_manage_case,0845d6474f75874010d301b28110c7a9

From Bluetooth SIG support:

As long as you’re not making any modifications or adding any additional features, all -C test evidence can be inherited from Components. If there are any -I test cases that are generated in your test plan, you’ll need to run those tests since they can’t be inherited from the component. Please note that the component’s assessment date must be within 3 years to inherit test evidence.

A comment in the test report, such as “Inheriting evidence from pre-qualified component, QDID xxxxx”, would suffice.

It seems like the BC127 is missing RF or the low energy RF-PHY layers from the QDID 112978. Is Sierra Wireless able to provide test data to inherit for these layers?

Without them it’s required to go to a qualified test house to complete qualification of the BC127 with Bluetooth 5.0.

Hi @markusg

QDID 112978 is listed as a component. QDIDs that were qualified as a “Component” are
intended to be integrated into creating a new compliant Bluetooth portion such as an “End
Product” or a “Subsystem” product type and cannot be used through the “Qualification
Process with No Required Testing” path in Launch Studio. In order to use this component it
must be integrated into a subsystem or end product through the Qualifications Path W/
Required Testing.
The above QDID is also missing radio testing. We recommend the best option is to use an
available BQTF to test your product in the meantime. You can find the full list of BQTFs
here: https://www.bluetooth.com/develop-with-bluetooth/qualification-listing/qualificationtest-facilities/
For further assistance, please feel free to consult with our Bluetooth Qualified Consultants
please reference the web page linked below:

Please contact your reseller or distributor in this case.