Automatically switch to data mode (or assert DCD)

Is it possible to get the Fastrack Xtend TCP Server to automatically switch to data mode on connection from a Client?

We use the RI and DCD signals to “wake-up” our equipment.
With the previous modem (Maxon Modmax MM-6280IND), it was sufficient for our equipment to setup and start the TCP server, then go to sleep (actually power off). When the remote Client connected to the Server, the ModMax switched to data mode automatically and the RI and DCD signals were asserted, so the equipment wakes up.

I’ve noticed with the Fastrack Xtend (with WIPSoft V5.40) that DCD doesn’t get asserted until the modem is switched to data mode, which must be done by an explicit AT command. A problem, since our equipment is fast asleep at this point.

So, is it possible to set the Fastrack Xtend to either:

  1. Switch to a pre-selected data mode on incoming Client connect, or
  2. Assert either RI or DCD on incoming Client connect, while still in AT command mode?

Any suggestions?


Yes you can do that with the help of an application.

I’m trying to avoid that…

I have discovered AT+WRIM=1,65536,1000
This asserts RI “for Open AT applications”:

This is good enough for my purposes, so I’ll use this.