Data offline session with +WIPDATARW

For some simple application, while performing some data read/write on sockets, managing to switch between data mode and AT Command mode may not be convenient, especially if the application only have little amount of data to handle.

Some month ago, a feature called Data offline session has been introduce in our Internet library to ease this task.

Thanks to this command, application can benefits of the ability to send or receive data directly from the AT command mode, no more need to manage switch to data mode and come back to AT Command mode, easing host controller real-time development.

Here is a simple example:

Just create a UDP socket


Enable Data offline mode on UDP socket


Send 10 bytes of data on UDP socket (data have to be inserted in hexadecimal)


Once data is received, dump is notified in the AT command mode:


The feature is available since the availability of R7.45.1 firmware with its Internet library 5.41.
It can be used with UDP sockets (as in above example), but also with TCP sockets, FTP, HTTP, SMTP and POP3 services.
Have a look in the Internet library command guide

Give it a try!