WS6318 escape sequence +++ issue


Good day!

I have discovered that when I should to switch from continuous mode to command mode I need send +++ sequence with 1 second guard time before and after the sequence. That is too long.

Let’s suppose that I have 5 UDP clients. I use AT+WIPDATA command to enter continuous mode. To switch between them and send data I need to waste at least 10 seconds.

Is there any other possibility how to send data not using WIPDATA command, not entering continuous mode and not wasting much time?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Sanel,

That’s a good example and agree with it.
However, I don’t aware of way other than +WIPDATA to send data on WS6318. (but possible for OpenAT enabled device)

For such reason, there are actually few methods to switch back to AT mode, for example:

  1. +++ sequence
  2. [ETX] character
  3. DTR pin (please use &D to set DTR behavior)

Hope it helps.