WS6318 'NO CARRIER' and 'data looping back' problems

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I use WS6318 module and configure it to enter continuous data mode using the MCU. Usually it operates normal. All data that MCU sends through UART interface are transmitted through IP network. But sometimes (very rare) the strange thing takes place. I see that data are not transmitting through IP network while they ARE transmitting through UART. That might last for a long time, for an hour or even more. But finally I get “NO CARRIER” message from WS6318. The problem is that MCU doesn’t know that WS6318 are in this strange state. The interesting thing is that when I ping it from device in the same IP network it responds.

  1. Is that a known behavior?
  2. How could I query the module to find out that WS6318 operates ok? E.g., I could switch back to command mode and send some AT command to query WS6318 state if the appropriate command exists of course.

Also I have noticed that WS6318 sometimes (very-very rare: I saw it twice myself) loops my data back. This problem is easily detected by MCU program. In this case it resets the module and reinitializes it again. This is not cool but it works. But the questions are:

  1. What might be the reason?
  2. Is there any other method how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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It looks strange…
Are you sending any escape sequence? Are you able to see shutdown event?


Yes, it looks very strange…

I send one data message per second. I don’t leave UDP continuous data mode, I send NO escape sequence ("+++") and I don’t get the “SHUTDOWN” msg. But as I describe above I get “NO CARRIER” msg. That is the problem.

Any suggestions?

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