Echo Off problem

I am working on new design using the WS6318 and microchip PIC32MX250F128D (using IRQ on RX and TX)
I got my AT commands working nicely
but as soon as I send ATE0 I loose comms with the GSM module.
if I replace it with ATE1 then it is fine and all works (any at command works as replacement)
I have tried my comms with Flow control on and off and no difference
And if I create app that just take USB data and pass it to GSM and vice versa then ATE0(when sent manually) works as it should and nothing breaks.

So only if my micro sends the “ATE0\r\n” at 115200 baudrate does it break.
This is very strange
Has anybody seen this?


Hi Walter,

Just tested W6318 with L31 and I cannot see the same problem with ATE0.
Maybe link to 2-wire of MCU config…

Could you share below info?

  • AT+IPR?
  • AT+IFC?
  • AT+ICF?
  • ati3
  • AT&V


Hi Lotam
Sorry for only comming back to me.
We did find a workaround (can’t remember what it was, but i think it was a timing issue)
I completely forgot about this post. :smiley:

The WS6318 is a very nice module, i like it alot.
But if I could suggest 1 change on a future release.
why not have 2 uarts on it, there is more than enough pins to use.
most telemetry users use gprs.

now you have to break connection check for incomming sms’s and then go back to gprs/ tcp socket mode.
it makes for much more complicated code.

so if there was 2nd uart it would make evrything much easier.

I would change all my designs to this module if there was 2 uarts on it :smiley:

Or if you had cmux driver for me that I can place in my micro controller (I know your modules can do it, but to implement it is a different story)
I am willing to pay for such a driver.(if anybody can sell me such a driver then please PM me)