Ws6318 dont respond

I connected ws6318 via 5 pins (VBAT,GND,TXD,RXD,ON/OFF)
but when i power on and send AT (9600,n,1 via Hyper terminal) it reply with unknown charachter
how can i get correct responce from it.

Default baud rate is 115200

i change baud rate on 115200 but it dont respond any charachter
are u worked with ws6318
plz help me

You will get detailed schematics from Development Kit Board User Guide:

  • AirPrime WS Series Development Kit User Guide

Please check the Power ON sequence in your Design (RESET, ON/OFF). It is very sensitive points of design with WS6318.

i find ws6318 default baud rate is 115200 and parity is space
how i can send space parity in uart for avr microcontroller
too i need help for soldering ws6318
plz help me