WS6318 uart autodetect baudrate problem

Hello to everyone!

I’d been trying to set my WS6318 module to autodetect baudrate. I found “+IPR Fixed TE Rate” command in AirPrime_WS6318_AT_Commands_Interface_Guide_Rev3_1.pdf (page 136 paragraph 4.3.10). I sent “AT+IPR=0\r\n” command. To be sure I queried the mode. Module returned 0, so it had been configured OK. Then I sent “AT+CMEE=1\r\n” on different baudrates (9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400) and studied the answers. On every baudrate except 115200 the module answers were strange. Every time it responded senseless data on 115200 regardless of the command baudrate. When I sent the command on 115200 the answer was good.

In datasheet is said that when in Auto-Baud (+IPR=0):
 the capital letter A must be entered to detect the DTE baud rate.
 all AT commands must be in capital letters.

It’s not clear whether I should send “AT+CMEE=1\r\n” command or “AAT+CMEE=1\r\n” command. I hope that I should use first variant but I tried both variants - same result. The module misunderstand me.

What might be a problem? Thanks!

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First thing to say is that autobaud rate on ANY modem is not reliable and for a robust system it should be hard set to a known value as a matter of good practice if not just to take it out as a variable in the system as another thing that could go wrong.

I do not have a WS with me to test but the result sounds a little odd. I would suggest sending AT at 500mS intervals until you get an OK response out.