How to send AT commands to WS6318 while in continuous mode?


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I send some data from UDP-client launched on WS6318 to the UDP-server in continuous mode. One message per 2 seconds. The question to discuss is as follows. Is it possible to send any AT command to WS6318 while the module is this mode?

I could switch to command mode, send the AT command, read the response and then return to continuous mode. But it requires much time, which is not permitted in my project.

For example, I need to measure the strength of GSM signal using AT+CSQ command and add the result of this command to the message. But it doesn’t work. Before entering UDP-client it works ok.

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Once the module is in data mode,you cannot send any AT command.



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Thank you for answering.

That’s right. Let’s forget about continuous mode. Is there any other possibility how to send messages from UDP-client to UDP-server and make WS6318 react to my AT commands at the same time?

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There are some questions to discuss:

  1. Could you explain me the difference when I send AT+WIPDATA=1,1,1 being a server or being a client? According to examples of application, in first case I do not switch to continuous mode, because it could understand my commands, but in second one I do. Why there is such a difference?
  2. Could a server not only receive datagrams but send some too?

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Hi, you can send data when you are in the continius mode then switch back to AT mode. When the data arive you will be notified by +WIPDATA response.


An option is to use cmux. With this feature you can multiplex several virtual ports over one single UART. Then you can use one for data and another one for AT commands.