Switching between AT and Data modes

this is my first topic here and i’d like to say it’s quite useful for starters like me :slight_smile:. As far as I’ve read around, I can see that it’s possible to change to Data mode to dump raw data over the UART; all right, that’s what i need but my question is: When could i return to AT-Mode? Do I need to return to AT-Mode from the internal application? My whole application should be in DATA mode and i can’t find a suitable place to set the change back and it seems i couldn’t be able to send AT commands from hyperterminal.

By the way, although being in DATA mode, could I send AT commands from the internal application?

Thanks in advance

AT command mode of the serial port is an off line mode which is used for non-buffered communication like sending AT commands from the terminal computer. Data mode is an online mode which is used for buffered communication like when we are communication with some external device (e.g. GPS) on serial port.

For example, We would like to go to Data Mode when we would open FCM flow for main UART. Once in data mode, the serial port will be used to communicate with the external device (e.g. a GPS module) in raw format. In this case, no AT command can be passed to the WISMO module. Now if we want to give some AT command, “+++” sequence must be sent. Following this, the product gets back to offline mode with an “OK”. This instruction should be preceded and followed by a pause of 1 sec.
Now we can pass AT commands as usual. Finally, in order to return to data mode, “ATO” command will be passed to the WISMO module from the terminal.

One thing to remember, we can switch the on-line/off-line status of the FCM flow from within he application as well using the ADL APIs.

When we are in data mode, we can send the AT commands from within the application using “adl_atCmdCreate” API.

More information can be found in the WAVECOM’s documents.

firstly thanks for your reply, i appreciate too much the information

Now I’m making my first steps with Open AT and of course i tried the HelloWorld application with no success when running it in target mode. I upload the .dwl file which came compiled with Open AT 3.02 distribution using HyperTerminal and 1KXModem protocol at 115200 bps 8N1 with Hardware flow control.

When it finishes i make the AT+CFUN=1 and execute some commands:

+WOPEN: 2,“AT v03.02”,“AT v03.02”

So according to this, my application’s been downloaded correctly.

now I start the embbeded application with


But i can’t see the Hello World string in my hyperterminal.

I had a look at serial ports configuration but they seem ok:

+WMFM: 0,2,1,1
+WMFM: 0,2,2,0
+WMFM: 1,2,4,0
+WMFM: 1,2,4,1

By the way, the HelloWorld application just starts a 1sec period cyclic timer which dumps a ‘Hello World’ string onto serial port with this command in the handler:

adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_UNS, “\r\nHello World from Open-AT\r\n” );

Any clues please?



I had posted the answer to Daniel’s problem before, but apparently some messages were lost when the data base was moved today.

So here it is again:

The RTE application did run before on the module but was terminated abnormally. Daniel had to run the RTE application again, then clicking “Safe Target” and then “Quit” fixed the problem. After that the target mode application did run again.

Best Regards,