WIP: Checking the status of a socket

Hey there, I am exchanging data with a server using a Fastrack Supreme 20 Modem with OpenAT (WIP) through a permanent TCP connection via GPRS. In “AT mode” with the connection established, is there a way to determine the status of a socket without having to switch to “data mode”? Under certain circumstances the connection is lost without any message from the modem. Currently, I check the socket status by switching to data mode (using WIPDATA) - when the connection is lost the command will return an ERROR. Is there a way to check the status without entering data mode? Thanks in advance.



The only way to check is to attempt to send data and receive a reply - if it’s successful, you know that the socket is OK.

Try a search on “heartbeat”; eg, https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/connectivity-fails-after-some-length-of-time-has-passed/4131/3

Damn, as expected. Thanks anyways.

Is it possible to check whether there is data available on a TCP socket? The WIP user guide shows an example using “AT+WIPDATA?” which returns “NONE”. But actually for me it always returns “ERROR”, no matter whether there is data on the socket or not.

By the way, I am running Open AT OS 4.21 with WIP Soft v2.03 on my Fastrack Supreme 20. Where can I find the WIP AT commands user guide V2.03? I only found V2.02 or V3.11 on some other sites. Is there an official site for OpenAT and WIP Soft?

Thanks for helping.

Ok, I could figure that out on my own. If anybody else is interested: the number of available bytes on a socket can be read by using “AT+WIPOPT”, optnum 6 (WIP_COPT_NREAD), e.g. “AT+WIPOPT=2,1,1,6” for TCP socket 1.