Automatic TCP session restoring on boot


I have an RC7611 module configured as a TCP server and use it in the Direct Data Flow mode when a client is connected. The +KTCPCFG command allows me to open the listening socket automatically on boot. But to enter the Direct Data Flow mode I have to resend the +KTCPSTART command every time a client is connecting. Wonder if is there a way to make the device accept the first incoming connection and enter Direct Data Flow mode automatically?

Here is an example of the module configuration steps I do.
These commands can be sent once and the configuration is stored on the device:


Incoming connection notification:
+KTCP_SRVREQ: 1,2,IPAddress,Port

Entering the Direct Data Flow, requires sending every time a new connection is accepted:


Can sending the +KTCPSTART command be avoided to make the TCP session restored fully automatically on boot without the need for an external watchdog for the module?

Please advise. Thanks in advance!


no. i don’t think so, I think you need to enter this command

Ok, thank you for your reply anyway. Maybe it’s something that can be considered in future releases? Having the TCP/UDP server/client session and direct data flow restored automatically without outside intervention seems like a good feature to have. In the application I am working on the cellular modules will replace Wi-Fi gateways and having this feature would be helpful in order to not rework system firmware/protocol to support cellular modules.