RC7620-1 - Cannot open TCPCNX after CGATT=0

we recently started using RC7620-1 TCP Socket.
All things work good until we disconnect PS network using
After this KTCPCNX=1 don’t work anymore and the KCNXCFG never connect again giving urc
+KCNX_IND: 1,4,1

I Attach a full log for details, all works until line 86/88 (when I made AT+CGATT=0).
This behavior is totally replicable.
log_RC7692.txt (2.4 KB)
The module is connected to a LTE network under good coverage

The issue seems strictly related to AT+CGACT=0,1 and AT+CGACT=1,1.
Omitting AT+CGACT=0,1 and AT+CGACT=1,1 do the magic

probably you need to +KTCPCLOSE and +KTCPDEL the socket and reopen the socket.

+KTCPCLOSE and +KTCPDEL have been sent at line 67 and 71

Why do you need to disconnect PS?

Power saving with fast reconnection time

Maybe you can try flight mode

Sure, this is a (more aggressive) power saving option, but in flight mode the device cannot receive sms.
Anyway, I’m porting a project from HL7692 to RC7620-1 and switching off PS works quiet well in HL.
It works well on RC module too but without sending AT+CGACT (I don’t have an explanation for this) :slight_smile: