I have a big problem. I have been working with my target for two weeks with no problem. I have been running applications in remote mode.

Yesterday I run an application in remote mode and after this… I haven’t could match the target anymore. I run the auto detect in the Target Monitoring Tool and it no match the target.

In settings I have selected “choosen all the rates”.

I restarted the target with any efect.
I use the starter kit.
Any idea? What can I do?

Thank you.


I have adquire recently a starter kit for the Q2406B, but I am not able to get it running.

I cannot see anything on the terminal, that is configured with 115200 baud, 8N1 and HW flow control.

Do you know how can I turn on the module?


Hi konker,
Did your application crash which lead to non-detectability?
For this matter, please use Hyperterminal and try to connect to the module. Now check if the module responds. Also make sure that the boot switch (which is adjacent to the reset switch)is set to off.
In case, your application is causing the module to reboot indefinitely, you need to download the AT firmware again. Please check out with your Wavecom contact person and ask him to provide the DwlWin utility. Also ask him how to use this utility.
Hope this would solve the problem if any.

Hi gnathita,
Please make sure that the power plug is connected on the correct input socket. You can try changing the VBATT or 3V6 to which you have connected the power.
Also check if the boot switch (which is adjecent to the reset switch) is set to off.
In case, it still does not responds, ask your Wavecom contact person (i.e. the person who supplied you the modules) to look in this issue.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.

Speaking of the boot switch…

I am using Wismo Qwik Starter Kit v5.0. The boot switch is labeled Hi or Lo. Does Lo correspond to off?

If you were to run an app in target mode and the boot switch were set to the Hi position, what would happen? Would it cause periodic resetting?



I have the same module, and now it is only cycling reset. Did you find an answer to your question???