APN Configuration

I have FX30 Octave device and MCU model is WP77B. I try to connect it octave platform. Billing issues is done. I wonder that, how can I configure the APN after connect the SIM card first time?
Also, I download to the device firmware which is released for octave fx30-3.3.0.wp77xx.sierra.spk. After that, I can connect to device on ssh but some linux base commands does not work. (cm info, cm sim, app list etc…). However, if I upload generic FX30 firmware I can use commands.

Hello Emre,

Could you let me know the name of your Octave account so I can help you? Also, where did you obtain the FX30 and does the FX30 label on the device have “Octave” on the label?

My Octave account name is: emre_kasap
Also we obtain the FX at USA and we are using in Turkey. We connected to Octave platform a week ago but now we changed the SIM provider so I think, I need to configure APN again.