How to send Pin to octave from FX30

I bought FX30 (cat-M1) with Octave with Sierra wireless SIM,
We confirmed that FX30 can send location data to Octave server.
But our customer would like to send Ping command from FX30 because customer would like to check the response confirmation.
But we cannot send Ping command . I think that we use SWI SIM with Octave.
To use Ping command, I think that I should use octave IP address.
Can I send Ping command to octave server from FX30 with Sierra Wireless SIM with Octave?
If yes, please let us know the Octave IP address.

Hello Takashi,

You will need to ping the DNS. I will reply with a private message, You cannot send a ping command to your devices via Octave. You can monitor the connectivity of the device with the cloudInterface/connected resource.

See Configuring Connectivity Watchdog

I tried to ping the DNS from FX30 linux console window on FX30 with octave with Sierra wireless SIM.
I saw that FX30 can send GNSS data and any sensor data to octave via LTE network.
But I cannot send Ping from FX30 Linux console window yet.
Please see my error message and advise it.
root@fx30:~# ping
ping: bad address ‘

Note: I payed octave fee but did not pay SWI SIM because octave fee is including SWI SIM. Is it related this behavior?

Could you please advise it.
If FX30 with octave with Sierra Wireless SIM cannot support Ping, we will switch other process.