ALMS bootstrap failure in Ace Manager


Out of 4 devices i tried to register for the AirVantage services 2 are responding the other 2 aren’t. When i looked at each device (which i can access fine, all are working giving GPS data and internet access for the laptops connected to them) i noticed that it said ‘bootstrap failure (2)’ on the ALMS Status for the two that are not providing data. They all appear to have the same firmware level. Help??!


What modem are you using?


GX450. The device itself is working fine, i just can’t get it to show up in the AirVantage site.


As a FYI I deleted and re-added the device’s twice (the last time was last week) plus manually tried to refresh and initiate the sync but still nothing even though the devices are pushing GPS to both a local laptop and out to a remote server, and providing internet connectivity to a connected laptop (over a wired connection, the wifi on the device is not configured).