Acemanager login issues

We suddenly are unable to log into any of our remote RV50 modems. They are all operating on firmware version 4.9. We can bring up the login landing page but are unable to click the “Log In” button completely. We can highlight it, but can never submit the user/password combo. Regardless if it is right or not, there is no response from the interface. Any ideas on where we can go from here. First thought would be to visit one in the field and reboot but I’d like to save time/money of visiting them if possible.

Thanks much!

Are you using HTTP port XXXX as your default connection type?

My department uses ES450s and we are experiencing the same issues. All of a sudden any attempt to log into HTTP port for AceManager does nothing.

I have been successful in connecting via HTTPS port we set up as a back up.

We have a ticket in with our provider and Sierra Wireless. I was leaning this was a provider issue, but after seeing your post I think its more of a Sierra Wireless issue.

We are able to connect to them on a different network. However, using our University net we are still unable to login using the default :9191 port and don’t have a secondary one set up. The problem is persisting now for several days.