XR60/XR80/XR90 configuration

Hello, I’m looking to set up our XR modem so that it passes its WAN IP address directly to our device.

Essentially, I want the XR modem to receive its WAN IP and then relay that same IP to our device. This would allow us to access our device directly using the WAN IP address assigned to the XR modem by the carrier.

There will always be a single device connected to the XR modem.

Could you guide me on how to accomplish this configuration?

Hi @testtest,

IPv4 Passthrough feature allows a LAN client to use the device Cellular WAN IP. This is useful if the LAN client is acting a a server for the internet (e.g. a web server).

The following are the steps to configure IPv4 passthrough on XR.

Please log in to the router at

  1. Get on air with ipv4 (You can check by going to Status/ Monitoring > WAN)
  2. Go to Networking → General → WAN services
  3. Click 3 dots on IPv4
  4. Go down to IPv4 Passthrough, and select an Interface (only Ethernet allowed)
  5. Wait for LAN client device to obtain the WAN IP.