LX60 IP Passthrou Question

We are using the LX60 at 17 and have a quesiton on IP Passthrough. The way it’s configured is that our end device is plugged into a unmanage switch. This is pulled into port 1 of the Modem which is configured for IP passthrough. We also have another 4 devices plugged into that switch which is in the same range as the modem. so for example our Modem and end device connected to port 1 is and the end device also is at This allows us to gain access etc to this device. Finally our question is, with our other 4 devices at .193, .194, .195 and .196 they communicte to the main device .192. Since we are using passthrought will only .192 be accessed from the network? This is what we want is no access for the other devices only the one which is .192.

Hi @langan,