XModem 1K specification


I needed to implement the XModem 1K protocol in C# in order to upload the new versions of our G2687G application developed by our R&D. In this way, when there’s a new release, instead of using DOTA, I use my tool that fetches the new version from the internal network, opens the COM, fires the AT+WDWL and starts the XModem 1K protocol.
I wrote it, using the libraries written by Andreas (trackday.cc/b2evo/blog2.php/2007 … net-xmodem) and everything worked fine until the R74_00gg version.
With the firmware version 74 nothing works anymore: it seems that the XModem protocol changed too much. I use it in a Vista environment.
Is there anybody that knows what happened?

Thank you very much.


I don’t think it can be anything to do with XMODEM - that is an established standard, and nothing specifically to do with Wavecom.

Does Vista have a Hyperterminal equivalent? Can you download successfully using that? Or any other standard XMODEM implementation on Vista?

But Wavecom have changed some of the things that get sent using XMODEM - I think that’s where you should start looking…