Ymodem protocol is possible?


I made an application to download data from a sensor in C, but this sensor only sends the data through the protocol YMODEM, I want know if is possible implement data transfer in open ymodem at 3:14:03, firmware 657e, WIP 3.10. 1030.

If someone has an example please send me.

My modem is M1306B.

YMODEM uses exactly the same block structure & block protocol as XMODEM - the only difference is that it send the file details (name, etc) as “block-0”, and can send multiple files in a session.


If you have an XMODEM implementation, it should be easy to extend that to YMODEM.

The SiWi DOTA example includes an XMODEM implementation…

I dont have XMODEM implementation, you can send me? Or send me one sample on the web…


Hey awneil

Please send me one sample…


ie, you already have it!

I have this sample, but I can not find any reference to xmodem…

You can’t have looked very hard!

A simple text search (eg, “grep”) through the .c files in the SDK shows that the word “xmodem” appears in two files: