Pushing files recieved from FTP sites into TEs


Hello All,

Just like to find out if anyone would know how I can move the files from the FTP into the hyperteminal using ZMODEM as a mode of transfer,. any help will be apprieciated




Hi samuel,
To be able to receive files from the Wavecom module (which is connected to your FTP site) and transfer it to hyperterminal using ZModem protocol, you need to implement the ZModem protocol in your Open-AT application.

In this case, you can use eDlib APIs which are available for internet connectivity (i.e. for FTP). You provide a data handler for performing the FTP which receives all the data coming from the FTP server. From this data handler, you need to send the data to the UART using ZModem protocol.

Now, to be able to send raw data over the UART, you need to subscribe to FCM flow for UART and then switch it to data mode. Whenever, data is received from the FTP server (i.e. the FTP data handler is called), package the data in the ZModem protocol format (from you OAT application) and send it to the UART in a ZModem protocol format. The Hyperterminal application also have ZModem protocol implemented. So it will remove the ZModem protocols’ header and the data received from your FTP server will be saved in the file that you specify in hyperterminal’s receive file menu.

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Is there another way of recieving files or sending file to FTP servers without having to use the Zmodem?


What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Why do you need an FTP client on the modem if you’re connecting to a PC? Why not just use the PC’s FTP Client? :confused:


I need the wavecom modem to retrieve data from the RS232 from an embedded device and take this data and send it out onto an FTP server.


Hi Samuel,
For your case, you do not need to implement ZModem protcol if your embedded device sends data which you want to send as it is to the FTP server.
This is how, you can proceed:

  1. From your Open-AT application, subscribe to FCM flow for UART on which the embedded device is connected.
  2. Switch the flow to data mode and receive the data that you need to send to the FTP server. Here, you might need to send some control word to the embedded device so that it might send you the data (this can be achieved using adl_fcmSendData () API).
  3. Buffer the received data.
  4. Open an FTP connection to the FTP server and send the data received from the embedded device to the FTP server.

In case, your embedded device sends huge amount of data which you cannot buffer, then it is advisable to first open an FTP connection and then open the FCM flow for UART. In this case, you can send the data as it is received in the FCM data handler to the FTP server.

In case, your embedded device sends data too fast (that it cannot be send to the FTP server), you should use the concept of credit to prevent your embedded device from sending the data too fast to the module. You can refer to the link

for more information on credits.

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