File Creation Using OpenAT?

Iam new to Wavecom programming,
Iam having following queries regarding Wavecom programming,
Is it possible to creates Files(.txt/.dat) inside Wavecom memory?
My purpose is to create some text file and send the files using FTP.
Could any one send Code snippets/Tutorials related to File management in Wavecom
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isn’t a file just like any other (serialized) data?
you can just connect to an ftp server, tell it you want to save a file, and send the data, terminated by the appropriate termination strings.

Thanks for the reply,
iam studying the features Q24 chip,
I will briefly explain the purpose
I want to save the Recieved sms as text file in wavecom memory and send those files to remote server using FTP
For this how to access Wavecom memory,and create a text file in Wavecom flash(32MB)
Does all ANSI C commands Work on Wavecom OpenAT OS?
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do you intend to store them in the flash memory and send somthing like a daily ‘digest’, of do you just want to ‘forward’ them to the ftp server?
if you send them to the ftp server using the ‘ascii’ mode, you just send the content of the sms to the ftp server and the server saves that in the appropriate way.
(see this wikipedia page on ftp)

You don’t need to save it as a ‘file’ in the local memory. there’s no filesystem inside the wavecom module.
You can look at the Aplication and Data Storage Service in the adl documentation

Thanks for the Reply,

For my Application I need to store data (as .txt ) in Flash memory,basically like a event log ,can it be done? ,later i will do FTP to Server
I went through the link ,understood FTP.

could you please make this clear


By "as ‘.txt’ " you mean ‘plain text’ i presume.
plain text is basicly a long string, and that’s hou you would store it in the memory.

something like ‘.txt’ only has a meaning in a filesystem.

in the wavecom module, you would request a handle to the memory, append your new sms to the contents of the memory, and close the handle
actually pretty similar to how you handle a file.
The exact details of how to append something to this memory is something that i do not know, but there are others around here that undoubtly do.
Also if you look at the documentation, surely you can figure out how to do it.

Thanks for the mail ,
I went through ADL Documentation
So we can make use of handle to do read write operation instead of text files.
Please correct me if iam wrong,
Any other alternative?
Thanks again

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Is there any particular reason for using a modem to do this?

If it’s for a genuine commercial application, you would probably be far better off to use an SMS gateway service…

We are planning to use modem for sending/recieving SMS and do some actions,GPRS,FTP,Storing text files etc.

But do you actually need to use a modem?

Everything you mentioned (SMS, FTP) can be done over a standard internet connection - rather than GPRS

And files will certainly be easier on a PC (or similar) than on any kind of embedded device…

We are developing a tracking Application ,hence modem will not be connected to PC.