Q2687RD firmware 7.52 upgrade by XMODEM problem


I’ve tried to upgrade firmware from 7.45 to 7.52 by XMODEM-1K. Bootloader was correctly updated, but firmware update is failing. For update I’m using custom application with XMODEM-1K protocol implemented. Q2687RD cancels XMODEM-1K transmission (by CAN) after receiving ~70% of file (938 or 939 packet; packet size is 1024) and few times during firmware update application received char stream out of XMODEM-1K protocol with content:

I’ve checked that firmware 7.46 and 7.51 upgrades correctly.

I would appreciate your help in this topic.


I’ve found solution. There was similar problem with SL6087 mentioned in this topic: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/sl6087-firwmare-upgrade-failed-with-xmodem-binary/9036/1

Using WOPEN=4 command to erase the binary from memory helped with upgrade.
So my procedure was (I had firmware 7.51 installed):

  1. update botloader
  2. restart modem
  3. check if modem response with AT
  4. WOPEN=4
  5. check if modem response with AT
  6. “AT+WDWL”
  7. send file with XMODEM