SL6087 firwmare upgrade failed with "*** XMODEM BINARY


We have old SL6087 on the field which need to have their firmware updated. The modem are programmed with the xmodem protocol follwing stricltly the instructions from Sierra Wireless. Firstly the bootloader is programmed, secondly the firmware.

I noticed that :
upgrading a modem to 7.51 is always ok.
upgrading a modem to 7.52 fails quite often. With some modems, it always fails. The modem receives packets using the xmodem protocol but it cancels the receiving process by a cancel frame (CAN) at the packet 935/1390 or 937/1390. The error sent by the modem is *** XMODEM BINARY ALLOCATION ERROR ***.

My questions are :

  • Are all the SL6087 modems compatible with R7.52 ?
  • If not, is there a way to know from serial number ?

Thank you.

All SL6 support FW upgrade…

refer [url]] for xmodem issue


Thank you for the info, now it’s better, the AT+WOPEN=4 seems to do the job. Nevertheless, I noticed that a firmware downgrade to 7.43 is not needed like specified in the hyperlink you gave. For example I can upgrade from 7.51 to 7.52.
The AT+WOPEN=4 command returns ERROR if there is nothing to erase I guess.
The AT+WOPEN=4 command returns OK few seconds later if something was erased I guess.

WOPEN=4 command is to erase the binary from memory. You can refer the AT command guide :slight_smile: