XML Status Message Breakdown

Hello all,

I apologize if this isn’t the right forum. I’m working on developing a tool to receive the xml status reports from various airlink products (as configured in AceManager under Admin -> Advanced -> Status Update…)

One issue is that I haven’t had much luck finding documentation on what the various fields in the report are. I’ve been able to determine most of them, but there are a handful I haven’t been able to identify yet.

For reference I’ve attached a sample report. If anyone can identify which field is which, or can point to documentation on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Would you be able to post the sample report? I couldn’t download the attachement, or it’s not downloadable.

I’m trying to find some documentation for this, but will post something once it’s found.


Here are the values I’ve managed to decode:

259: "netstate"
260: "netchan"
261: "netrssi"
264: "netserv"
305: "nettype"
266: "powerin"
267: "boardtemp"
270: "uptime"
283: "netbytesent"
284: "netbyterecv"
301: "netip"
302: "sysresets"

Alas the status updates stopped working after upgrading to the latest firmware…