AirLink GX450 Communication API

Hello Everyone,

Do I understand correctly that the only way how to request any information from the modem is to use AT commands ?

Is there any other APIs ? Any SDKs or Libs that implement any kind of communication protocols ?

I am connected to the modem by Ethernet. Just curious the ACEManager application running on the modem, does it have any WEB API exposed where I can request current mode information ? (IP, RSSI, etc)

I am looking for the way how to avoid using TELNET with AT commands parsing.

Looks like ACEVIew communicates with the modem by UDPby sending some sort of XML formatted packets. Is this an official communication protocol and described somewhere ?


I have the exact same question regarding the LS300.

Is there definitely no Web API for ACEManager?

I guess they want you to buy AirVantage products instead :frowning: