ALEOS Status Report


I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a breakdown of the status report that can be sent by various gateways.
The report I’m refering to is found under the admin section, Advanced -> Status Update Address.

The report sends an xml string, but I am having difficulty finding the meaning of the various parts of the xml data.

For example…

	<grp id="257">
		<sts id="259">Network Ready</sts>
		<sts id="260">770</sts>
		<sts id="261">-78</sts>
		<sts id="262">ON</sts>
		<sts id="263">255</sts>
		<sts id="264">1X, EV-DO Rev.A</sts>
		<sts id="265">DCD: LOW&#13;&#10;DTR: LOW&#13;&#10;DSR: HIGH&#13;&#10;CTS: HIGH&#13;&#10;RTS: LOW&#13;&#10;</sts>
		<sts id="266">23.81</sts>
		<sts id="267">46</sts>
		<sts id="268">5</sts>
		<sts id="269">57</sts>
		<sts id="270">575</sts>
		<sts id="273">12</sts>
		<sts id="274">0</sts>
		<sts id="275">AT</sts>
		<sts id="276">0</sts>
		<sts id="277">0</sts>
		<sts id="278">0</sts>
		<sts id="279">6040</sts>
		<sts id="280">21306</sts>
		<sts id="281">21614</sts>
		<sts id="282">6276</sts>
		<sts id="283">19917428</sts>
		<sts id="284">282231</sts>
		<sts id="301">XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX</sts>
		<sts id="302">226</sts>

Is there any document that lists what the various ID’s are?
I’ve figured out the majority of them, but it would be nice to have an actual document from Sierra Wireless with the details.